The legendary MiG-21Bis has been updated to v1.1!

Golden Key Studio released MiG-21Bis “Fishbed” add-on for prepar3D v4.5 & v5.1

Release Notes:

New features

  • Weapon selection panel (Extended Edition; P3D Academic & Pro)
  • Fully functional droppable fuel tanks (Extended Edition)

                   *Drop Tanks affect drag forces, balance and overall performance characteristics of aircraft

  • Command guidance system (Extended Edition; P3D ProPlus)
  • Target selection panel (Extended Edition; P3D ProPlus)
  • SPO radar emission source detection (Extended Edition; P3D ProPlus)
  • Added functional knobs for IDENT Sound on/off
  • Checklists added to the kneeboard panel


  • Improved maneuvering characteristics of the aircraft at low speed.
  • AC Alternator warning lamp fixed
  • Canopy Open/ Close animation fixed
  • Added interactive area for cockpit open/close animati
  • And much more…