F-111E "Aardwark"

The F-111 is one of the greatest aircrafts ever designed. It is mostly known for its swing-wings and “dump & burn” fire show. First drafted in the early 1960s by General Dynamics, the F-111 Aardvark, despite its weird animal choice for a name, was a widely used strategic bomber at its time. The aircraft took its first flight on December 21, 1964 and was brought into the in July 1967. The early F-111’s had some design imperfections, but once the F-111E came to the surface (on 20 August 1969), all of the previous conflicts were fixed, and the Aardvark became a highly useful aircraft for many years.

In-Game Screenshots

Product Description

MiG-21 Specifications

Crew: 1

Length: 15.0 m (with Pitot) (49 ft 2.5 in)

Wingspan: 7.154 m (23 ft 5.66 in)

Height: 4.125 m (13 ft 6.41 in)

Wing area: 23.0 m2 (247.3 ft2)

Empty weight: 5,339 kg (11,770 lb)

Gross weight: 8,725 kg (19,235 lb)

Powerplant: 1 x Tumansky R25-300, 44 kN static thrust dry, 71 kN static thrust with afterburner

Exterior Model

  • high level of cockpit functionality, many mousable switches and knobs.
  • comprehensive 63-page PDF manual included.
  • four different working multi-mode radar types, with many selectable functions.
  • simulated multi-function TFR (Terrain Following Radar) display.
  • multi-function displays (G version) with selectable pages.
  • special multi-display radar and information unit in EF-111A version.
  • high-resolution analogue gauges with multiple alpha channels.
  • working multi-mode HUD.
  • authentic red glow night lighting with separate flood/instrument switches.
  • loadouts include Mk82’s, Mk82 Snakeye, GBU-10 and -12 Paveway, GBU-15, Harpoon, AIM-9P, B61 nuclear free-fall bombs (internal) and SRAM nuclear stand-off missiles (all loadouts can be hidden using switch in cockpit). Also on some variants – Pavetack module, AN-ALQ 131V ECM unit, AXQ-14 datalink pod.
  • native FSX model.
  • detailed checklist and accurate flight model.
  • custom afterburner effects.
  • detailed afterburner cans (2 types) with correctly animated internal and external petals.
  • wingtip vapour trails (move with swing-wing).
  • working fuel dump function with custom vapour trail from fuel outlet when used.
  • realistic ‘dump and burn’ effect
  • high quality FSX soundset included.
  • togglable realistic animated pilot figures.
  • animated canopy, tailhook, speedbrakes, spoilerons, bomb bay doors, refuelling receptacle, afterburner petals, Triple Plow 1 translating cowls and Triple Plow II blow-in doors, Pavetack pod.


Virtual Cockpit

  • ‘Baked’ textures are used to give the highly detailed cockpit a period, worn look
  • Fully functional with nearly all switches, knobs and levers animated and functional
  • Authentic gauges and tracking, radar and radio equipment
  • Accurate HUD
  • Separate A and C variant cockpits
  • Numerous custom 3D gauges
  • Selection panel for controlling what ordnance appears on the aircraft
  • Authentic and simplified autopilot controls
  • Soft glow night lighting


MiG-21 is designed to from the ground up to faithfully recreate and simulate all interior avionics to their fullest extent. No effort has been spared in making this one of the most complex and accurate flight simulation aircraft available, which is designed to meet the Advanced Systems Modelling (“ASM”) criteria set forth by Eagle Dynamics.

MiG-21 simulates all major and minor avionics and system components found in the Fishbed-N, including, but not limited to:

  • ARK-10 Radio Direction Finder
  • RSBN-4N Radio Navigation System
  • RP-22M “Sapfir” Radar
  • SAU Autopilot, including e.g. auto-landing and recovery modes
  • NPP and KPP Instruments
  • ASP-PDF-M Gunsight
  • SARPP Data Recorder
  • RSIU-5V Radio
  • SRZO-2M “Krom-Nikel” Identify Friend-or-Foe (“IFF”) System.
  • SPO-10 “Sirena 3-M” Radio Warning Receiver (“RWR”)

Flight Model

The flight model is heavily component based, and simulates aerodynamic forces acting upon each component of the aircraft in real-time. At no time during the flight envelope is the aircrafts’ behaviour “scripted”. Tuned up to 19.000 meters, it will give you a unique experience in flying this small and agile fighter.

Learn to takeoff with small wings and a high speed, feel the RATO effect, experience non-symmetric wing load and super critical angles of slide/slip aircraft behavior and much more. Have fun experimenting and discovering the aircraft behavior in irregular flight conditions, where your engine will stall, you will loose your orientation, your weapon will detach from the aircraft and… you’re gonna love it!

The flight model has been built over the course of a few years, and utmost care has been taken to ensure an authentic experience of flying the MiG-21bis, under all possible flight conditions.


MiG-21 comes with a suite of weaponry, some custom and unique to the MiG-21bis itself. As the MiG-21 evolved into a multi-role capable aircraft, the amount and type of weaponry available to pilots also grew. The MiG-21 is capable of utilizing Air-to-Air missiles, free-falling and retarded bombs, nuclear bombs, beam riding missiles, unguided rockets and gunpods.

Air-to-Air Missiles

  • R-3R APU-13MI
  • R-3S APU-13MI
  • R-55 APU-7
  • R-60A x 2
  • R-60A APU-60
  • R-60M x 2
  • R-60M APU-60
  • RS-2US APU-7


  • FAB-100
  • FAB-250
  • FAB-250 M54 TU
  • RBK-250 PTAB-2.5M
  • SAB-100
  • BL755
  • BetAB-500
  • BetAB-500ShP
  • FAB-100 x 4
  • FAB-500 M62
  • RBK-500 PTAB-10-5

Simulated Nuclear Bombs

  • RN-24
  • RN-28

Unguided Rockets

  • UB-32 – 32 S-5M
  • UB-16UM – 16 S-5M
  • S-24A
  • S-24B

Beam-Riding Missiles

  • KH-66 “Grom”

Drop tanks

  • 490L Wing & Centerline droptanks
  • 800L Centerline Droptank


  • SPS-141-100 Electronic Warfare & Chaff/Flare Dispensing Pod
  • ASO-2 Chaff Dispensing Pod
  • SPRD-99 RATO – Rocket Boosters