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Skins for the Standard Version  

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Hello Dev Team, thanks a lot for the reply, here's my response;

1. Yes, presently it's installed in the "add-ons" folder - it seems like is behaving now.

2. Yes, I have the Basic Edition - I have tried modifying the "weapon_loadout=weapon_loadout_00, but it eliminated the central tank only, the weapons are still there as you can see. Creating other cfg in the Attachments XML is way beyond my age skills, you'll need to educate me somehow on this.

3. Understood, you are right, I think I'll have to replace my keyboard soon, because "E" key is starting to malfunction -  so much frustration in trying starting it like that - Please elaborate on "use the options panel instead - there is a Ready for Taxi option" I'm not sure what you mean by that, is it the "panel.RU" that is in the airplane folder ?

4. Understood it's a P3D issue, I had that in mind when I noticed that all P3D add-ons have this issue, more or less.

5. Yes, you are right, there are not so bright, but you can clearly see them daylight, the "dragon" aspect is understood, the question still remain, where is the afterburner effect ? that is gone also because of the P3D ?

6. Honestly, I really doubt that, I know I'm closing 58, but to jettison accidentally my tank and not realizing it, that's too much 😊 . I'd rather think that my repeated attempts to Ctrl +E start, (some of them providing the "clean" cfg), might have something to do with.

7. Thank you for the soviet skin, it's really appreciated it, but, if I may ask, isn't that a little bit "dark" ? Some may say that if you read Crime and Punishment, you'll realize right away the Russians have a "darker perspective", but still, it's aluminum, not titanium - otherwise, I bow my hat.

8. Regarding skins, yes, I would really appreciate some skins, but my statute here, might give priorities to others; I am trying to use your bis model to replicate actual MF/MF75 models I'm used with - but from the bis "dream list" I would always like that famous dark green and sienna camo scheme some of the LSK's bis sported in early 80's - I've always envied/admired them for using those colors. So after you'll satiate the hungry customers, I might ask you for some "bis" in sheep's [MF] skin 😉.

I'll have something for you guys, once I'll get the "ready to taxi" cfg working, I'll finish what I started - my suggested version of the FD for the bis - it should not take that much, your FD is amazingly close to what I think it should be - I'll explain everything  in detail when we'll get there.

Keep up the good work,


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We have added new skins. Check DOWNLOAD section


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