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Hi guys, its been a few days since ive looked at the model and had time to read the manual as ive been ill since tuesday and this has been the first time ive had more than a 5min look in p3dv5, however its only brief and what has already been noted in the other post, I concur v

1, externals the PBR specs need to be revised, im not sure what it looks like in v4.5 however pbr spec lighting is significantly different in v5. the bare metal that your trying to achieve is very dark on the ext. and the spec lighting on the external textures is extremely very dominant.

[img] [/img]
[img] [/img]

[img] [/img]

2, The pilot has F111 patches on both arms

[img] [/img]

3, the taxi/landing lights are missing the light texture

[img] [/img]

4, nice touch on the canopy while in flight, however the rear vision mirror is not textured

5, the after burner effect lights is very distinct on the aft section of the AC

6, had a brief look at the animations, levers and gears in the VC align with their actions,

7, im not 100% sure but I didnt think i could reach top speed or ceiling ( i will have to double check)

8, will check start up and shut down in the next few days

9, VC labels align with the panel description in the manual

10, yet to review weapon payloads and systems

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Thank you so much for the feedback.

As to PBR in V5.0 - yes, it was something changed in shaders in V5, so now we are trying to re render all textures according v5.0 specs.

All other points you mentioned - also will be fixed in the next update

I have noticed, you have tried to open cocpit in flight 🙂 and find the "wind-blown cockpit" feature 🙂 


Thank you, keep us updated!